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Focused Edge Coaching

Discover the difference a Focused Edge can make

How effective do you think you could be if you knew your hidden strengths, tendencies, and limitations? What if you could supercharge your effectiveness by discovering your superpower?

Focus is the difference between a laser and a flashlight. Focused Edge Coaching is how leaders and organizations transform their unique potential into their elite edge. 

Every person, every team, and every organization is unique. In order to get to the next level, you must create your Focused Edge.

Keep reading to learn how we can help you get the edge you need.

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The 5 Traits of the Best Business Coaches Include:

1) They have experience

You will want to learn from someone who has also made the journey to success. The best coaches are seasoned leaders.

2) They hold you accountable.

The best coaches will hold you to a plan. They understand that a natural part of the change process is to return to your comfort zone. The coach will hold you to the plan to move forward.

3) They stand by their positions.

The best coaches in the world are not going to buckle to make you happy. They will hold to the premises that have made them successful and will further you in your development, even if it means they lose you as a client. They are firm in their beliefs.

4) They do practice what they coach.

The best coaches are not “going it alone” either. They walk the walk. They are in the pursuit of excellence themselves not just for clients. They practice coaching.

5) They are strong communicators.

They are skillful listeners and effective communicators. They understand we need comprehension, not just communication.

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For a long time, I have dreamed of a way to help people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, races, perspectives, and differences to find common ground. This is why I have chosen to become a DISC certified coach. DISC has served me well in my life, marriage, relationships, and business dealings. DISC is a tool that will help you to increase your conscious knowledge around your behavior, tendencies, and communication preferences. 

Experienced in the art of servant leadership, and leveraging the power of Bio-Individual Coaching. Focused Edge Coaching has helped teams make remarkable breakthroughs and create sustainable change that has been extremely impactful on their organizations. Putting everything they have into every project, they don’t rest until they exceed expectations.

Why? Because it's the right thing to do.

Why? Because my daughter deserves a better world than we have now.

Why? Because of you. We are all different, and Different=Different not wrong.

Why? Because I wasn't created to eat, sleep, work, and pay bills. I was born to make this world better than I inherited it. And so were you.

If you are ready to take action. I would love to work with you.

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